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Rainbow (Pop)Corn SEED

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  • Rainbow (Pop)Corn SEED


In 2018, after a painful period of stormy transition, our family farm began growing the colorful strain of heritage corn commercially called 'Glass Gem'. Originally developed from a variety of indigenous corns by an Oklahoma farmer by the name of Carl Barnes, the luminous multicolored kernels have caught the imagination of many in recent years and made headlines across the world. Looking at the photos here, you can understand why!

With deep gratitude, we connected with the keepers of the original seed strain through the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance and were generously gifted with a small seed cache of even more colorful corn called 'Rainbow Jewel' by its wonderful steward, Greg Schoen. It was Greg's spirit of reciprocity and kindness that has inspired us to steward our own seed strain so we can share this amazing corn and its story with others.

Our seed has been grown in our Pennsylvania fields at the foot of the Appalachian mountains on ancient Onojutta-Haga and Tuscarora lands. It is a cross of commercially-purchased 'Glass Gem' corn, gifted 'Rainbow Jewel' corn and a few other varieties of specialty dry corn, including a pink flint variety. We have been selecting from our crop for the most drought-tolerant and colorful ears.

Like a rainbow developing after a storm passes, the colors of this corn materialize as it sees fit and carries a bit of magic with it that you can't really control or bottle. You will love growing it in your own garden!

Due to its diversity of genetics, the uses for this corn are varied. It can be popped into popcorn to some degree. It can be ground into flour to some degree. And it can decorate and delight one hundred percent! For this reason we refer to it around here as "decorative popcorn".

An excellent tool for teaching kids to be excited about gardening.

Seed is currently being sold in small packs of approximately 100 seed, perfect for home gardeners. Corn, which is pollinated by the breeze, must be planted en masse in order to set seed (kernels) properly. So we recommend planting at least 50 seeds at minimum in a block formation at least 4 rows across in order to have success harvesting your own rainbow.

Corn seed germinates best when the soil is around 70F-80F, so late May and early June are a great time to plant these seeds. This corn takes about 100-120 days to produce mature ears. It is best to leave the corn standing through at least one frost before harvesting the ears, which should be hard and dry to ensure good storage and popping.

Sow seeds about 1" deep at 8" apart in rows spaced 30" apart. We have tested our seeds to have excellent germination rates of 90% or higher.

We are unable to send seed internationally at this time. Shipping is only available in the U.S. (Sorry to disappoint!)

If you would like to purchase a one pound Grower's Box, please contact us via the contact link here in the shop so we can confirm availability and shipping cost to your location.