Our Story


Love Land Farm Popcorn is a small family owned specialty decorative popcorn company located in in central Pennsylvania. Five generations of Loves have worked this farm in the fertile foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Our popcorn is planted, grown, handpicked, and packaged on the family's farm by Love family members. It's not just popcorn to us, it’s our love and joy put into an experience you can taste all year long.

Love Land Farm Popcorn was first grown in 2018, but the 350 acre family farm on which our colorful corn grows was first cultivated all the way back in 1902 by family member Silas Love. Over the course of the next four generations of Love, the farm made most of its income by producing milk. But, like so many small dairy farms, ours was unable to continue due to economic pressures.  Our family (never ones to shy away from a good challenge) decided to explore how the farm’s rich soil could grow a specialty crop which is both durable and healthy.  We knew we wanted to focus on heirloom seeds and join the growing movement towards seed sovereignty.  We've had the amazing fortune to connect with the original folks who first bred and brought to large-scale production the 'Glass Gem' heirloom corn that has become the keystone of our renewed efforts to keep this farm growing.  Without their support, we wouldn't be where we are now! Over the coming years, we hope to offer even more unique corn and heirloom seed products so check back often!  And follow us on Instagram via @lovelandfarmpopcorn for regular updates!

Our farm's main website is www.lovelandfarmpopcorn.com